New Showroom For Class A Jewellers Sees Innovation And Class Sparkle


Ever wanted to see the magic behind your jewellery being crafted? Well now you can. Creative, contemporary and classy, Class A Jeweller‘s are opening an innovative new showroom like no other tonight. And the best bit.. they have their very own bar of diamond rings!

Since Valentine’s Day 1972, Class A Jewellers have created beautiful hand-crafted jewellery from their workshop in Walkerville. Over the last 46-years, Class A Jewellers have secured their position in the market as one of Adelaide’s leading jewellery manufacturers due to their attention to detail and personalised service.

Now, the Class A Jewellers experience has reached new heights, with the launch of their new workshop and showroom, incorporating the workspace into the main store. The new, collaborative space represents a revolutionary departure from traditional workshop environments, with a modern fusion of manufacturing and retail elements.

“The main reason for the workshop change was so that our customers can actually see the jewellers going about their daily work of designing, manufacturing, repairing and polishing,” says Class A Jewellers Owner, Brad Mucklow.

“It’s similar to going into a great restaurant and being able to watch the chefs prepare the meals – it also makes our jewellers feel part of the whole process, as they can see who they’re crafting jewellery for and pop out to chat to those customers! Ultimately, it’s a more unique and personal experience for everyone involved.”

The innovative space also boasts several new additions to Class A’s showroom area, including an interactive Ring Bench where customers can try on over 200 engagement rings at their leisure.

“The idea behind the Ring Bench was to take away that ‘don’t touch’ feeling you have when visiting a traditional jewellery store,” says Brad.

“On a Saturday morning it’s not unusual to have several couples, or groups of girlfriends having fun with all the different styles. It’s a great way for people to really get a feel for what they like and what looks good.”

The new Class A workshop and showroom is indicative of their creative, contemporary business ethos, and their emphasis on personalised services and bespoke designs. The space is one of the few manufacturing jewellers in South Australia with an in-house workshop and compliments the custom design experience that Class A Jewellers is renowned for.

“All facets of our jewellery-making processes from our designers, jewellers, gemmologists, diamond setters, pearl-stringers, jewellery repairers, and valuers are carried out under one roof, with our clients involved in every stage of the process,” says Brad.

“Our jewellers produce quality one-of-a-kind pieces which are treasured by generations of Class A customers and their families. We’re so excited to welcome our clients to the reimagined Class A store and can’t wait to collaborate and create with them in these exciting new surrounds.”

Class A Jewellers New Showroom

Open: Monday – Saturday
Where: 40 North East Road Walkerville.

For more information visit here.


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