New Kia Sorento Cops It Sweet


The newly updated Kia Sorento has all the bells and whistles, so much so that it has been enough to earn it sirens and lights on the South Australian Police fleet.

And I soon got to see what it was our boys in blue liked about the Korean manufacturer’s flagship SUV.

Getting off the line quicker than you can say: “ello ello ello, what have we ‘ere?” the 3.5-litre petrol V6 gave plenty of confidence it won’t have too much trouble keeping up with the bad guys.

With an opening price point of $42,990 for the Si model and moving up through the Sport, SLi and top-shelf GT-Line, there’s plenty of value for money in this model range. Of course, we expect SAPOL to have got the 20 Sorentos it now has on fleet for a steal given the fantastic promotion and sales opportunity it brings for Kia.

While only a facelift to the range, the 2018 Sorento actually gets a great deal of new kit and new look gear.

The major upgrades sit with a new eight-speed automatic transmission and a new 3.5-litre petrol V6 and there’s also plenty of evidence of claims the ride and handling has been improved.

Bad drivers on our road will see a new front bumper amidst the flashing blue and red lights in the rearview mirror with the Sorento sporting a new black-and-chrome design for the grille and new LED daytime running lights up front. A new look to the LED signature of the tail-lights also sets this car off nicely.

There’s new-design 17-, 18- and 19-inch wheels across the model range, a new steering wheel and gear-knob design.

While our cop cars are likely to get plenty of interior intelligence modifications, Joe Public can rest easy knowing they get the advantage of an upgraded 8.0-inch main display, replacing the old 7.0-inch unit, in all models. You’ll also find satellite navigation, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and DAB+ digital radio across the range.

The as tested 3.5-litre engine offers 206kW and 336Nm of torque and fuel consumption of 10L/100km.

While I didn’t check out the back seat, and don’t intend to with our boys or girls in blue any time, I suggest if it is as comfortable and spacious as the driver’s seating, then it is a bit too comfy for crooks.

It’s easy to see how the new Kia Sorento made the grade for our new cop cars and it is a plus to know that the public won’t have to break a bank to get behind the wheel of what is a very good SUV.


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Bryan Littlely is a former South Australian-based motoring editor and motorsport enthusiast. In addition to being a very proud South Australian, he is a gun at garage sales and keen hobbyist writer. He, possibly thankfully, is not paid for his editorial contributions to Glam Adelaide.

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