NEW Gourmet Gelateria Heading To Henley Beach This Summer

This morning we have have been treated to some sweet, sweet news and our dessert (particularly ice cream) loving brains have been sent into a spin. A new gelateria is opening its doors in Henley this summer. And with it, it is bringing a pure passion and desire to restore the old-world art of gelato making.
Called Bottega Gelateria, owner Adriano says this has been a 15 year dream, five years in the making. After spending many years overseas and interstate, Adriano has finally returned home to pursue the dream. And he is brining his passionate belief that, ‘real gelato is art’ (and for that, we couldn’t be any more grateful).
Adriano says, “Our customers will be taken on a journey back in time to Italy where the gelato was genuine, an expression of nature in its purest form.”
Living in Milan for 8 years, Adriano has spent many years in gelato shops all across Northern and Central Italy. He also completed courses at Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna, so as you can imagine, the passion and knowledge is real.
Following traditional techniques passed down from the fathers of gelato in Italy, Adriano hope Bottega Gelateria will preserve the true artisanship of old-world handcrafted gelato.
“Today, more than in the past, industry has found ways to make almost everything faster, cheaper and less complicated. While this may work for computers, cars or fast food, it does not hold true for gelato.
“We believe that making gelato is a lost art, left far too long in the hands of those who care more about shelf-life and shortcuts rather than an honest, simple and pure product.”
With this belief, Adriano is hoping to restore the pure art. And he is starting with his Henley Beach shop here in Adelaide.
“The gelato production will take place in the ‘laboratorio’, a highly illuminated and visible ‘onshow’ lab. The ‘laboratorio’ will be a main focal point and will set the stage for the gelatiere (gelato maker) to showcase the lost art of gelato making.”
Bottega Gelateria will ensure that there is great importance placed on supporting local farmers and respecting the seasons.
“As a result, the standards Bottega Gelateria carries out are extremely strict: only fresh and in-season fruit, local full cream milk direct from the farmer, raw organic cane sugar, the finest cocoa, A grade nuts and spring water used for the sorbet.”
We’ve been told that as well as gelato, there will be gelato cakes, semifreddo, gelato sticks, crepes, and warm gelato brioche. Heaven?
The grand opening will be sometime in November. It is expected to showcase the winning flavour of the 2012 Florence Gelato Festival which has been handed down by Maestro James Coleridge of Vancouver. And the best bit, there will be free gelato for all on opening day. We will be sure to keep you updated.

Bottega Gelateria

Where: 249a Seaview rd Henley Beach.

When: OPENING November 2018



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