Mushroom Madness At Sean’s Kitchen


Sean from Sean’s Kitchen has gone mad for mushrooms, and all you mushroom maniacs are invited! Sean sure is a fun guy because he is throwing a two-week long party from June 19 – July 8, to celebrate the humble mushroom.

From popcorn oyster mushrooms, to truffle ice cream and of course Sean’s famous Orgy of Mushrooms, you won’t be able to resist this fungi-licious

Using the best of local South Australian produce, Sean presents this meals in a contemporary setting.

The ultimate vegetarian meat, mushrooms are full of nutritious B vitamins, folate, thiamine and abundant antioxidants. Sean’s Kitchen’s well known and loved Orgy of Mushrooms is filled with Ricotta, King Brown, Enoki, Swiss Brown and Oyster on a bed of soft and fluffy gnocchi.

Now, the menu is madly mushrooms! You can kick off your meal with popcorn oyster mushrooms with truffle mayo and pecorino because you literally cannot go wrong with anything that is turned into popcorn. But if you’re into that classy lux lifestyle go for a mushroom veloute accompanied by a golden quail egg – move over Veruca this golden egg is ours! You can drown every course with mushroom sauce and truffle butter! Why not try Sean’s mad creation, truffle ice cream with white chocolate mousse and praline? It may be crazy by our tastebuds are enticing! Or how about finishing your meal with some truffle triple crème cheese and a glass of local wine?

Excuse us as we stop drooling over Sean’s food and start buying tickets, which we recommend you do too! You’d definitely have to be a big mushroom fan to attend this party. There is still much-room available – so book now!



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