Millennial Pink Hits One Of Adelaide’s Favourite Distillers


Millenial pink will leave no stone unturned it seems! This week the newest pink product to hit the shelves was the Adelaide Hills Distillery 78 Degrees Sunset Gin.

The first of its style within the distillery’s portfolio, 78 Degrees Sunset Gin embodies the perfect balance of delicate and intense flavours taking inspiration from the panoramic views across the sky at the close of the day across some of the countries remote harvest locations.

Utilising both native Australian and European ingredients, 78 Degrees Sunset Gin encapsulates the distinctive taste of all Adelaide Hills Distillery products, boasting flavours of Strawberry Gum, Bush Apple, Juniper and Rosella, and exhibits fresh red berries with hints of pine and eucalyptus. The ingredients also display hues seen in unique Australian sunsets, changing from vibrant pink colours to soft purplish tones with further botanical integration adding depth and complexity.

Tobias Kline, co-founder of Adelaide Hills Distillery explains, “The last few years we’ve seen a real shift towards quality products so we were excited to embark on this journey of making a craft pink gin and strengthening our spirit offering in this category. This gin also adds another consumption occasion into our portfolio, as 78 Degrees Sunset Gin is perfect for drinking during the day as a more floral and spice option, as well as ideal for sundowner sips.”

“We’ve continued to keep sustainability at the forefront and as with all our spirits, crafted 78 Degrees Sunset Gin with minimal environmental impact by using our renowned 78- degree distillation process which involves individually vaporising every ingredient to achieve consistency and creates a gin that is alike that of rose wine rather than being overtly juniper heavy.”

Nikki Daven, Adelaide Hills Distillery Brand Manager at SouthTrade International, says, “Given Australia’s booming Gin category interest we’re thrilled for Adelaide Hills Distillery to introduce 78 Degrees Sunset Gin. It’s a great opportunity to speak to trends towards lighter style drinking options, with a spirit that is locally produced and encapsulates the botanical flavoured profile of craft gins, from an award-winning distillery.”

As an internationally acclaimed small-batch distillery, Adelaide Hills Distillery’s 78 Degrees Gin was voted “Best International Gin” at the 2017 American Distilling Institute Awards and recently were awarded with a Double Gold for ‘The Italian’ Australian Aperitif, Gold for Something Wild Beverages Collaboration, Green Ant Gin; and Silver for 78 Degrees Gin at the 2018 San Francisco Spirit Awards.

78 Degrees Sunset Gin will be rolling out in stores nationally from 1 st July 2018. 700mL bottles RRP $74.99.


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