Mesmerizing Footage Of Australian Giant Cuttlefish Aggregation In Whyalla


While we’ve all heard of Whyalla, did you know there’s a massive meet up that happens each year, and we’re not talking about footy trips. The Australian Giant Cuttlefish aggregate in the shallow waters off Whyalla annually to breed, and it’s a sight to be seen. It can get quite crowded, with up to one cuttlefish per square metre!

Even if you only have basic swimming skills, you can check out this natural phenomenon in waters as shallow as half a metre deep.

Videographer Mitch Payne travelled to SA with his mate just to see the action, and has captured it beautifully below. Enjoy!

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Here’s some other photos captured in Whyalla which we loved!

One of my favorite moments from a recent trip to Whyalla. Along the shallow waters of the Whyalla foreshore giant cuttlefish gather in their thousands to mate, deposit eggs under the the rocky ledges and end their spectacular but brief lives (at 1-2 years). It really is like being on an alien planet as these amazing animals interact, with little regard for human presence. Male posturing and cuttlefish porn everywhere you look. These two caught my eye however. A few metres away from all the craziness, tenderly embracing. A quiet moment together, bonded and relaxed, the male lovingly draped over his mate. Adorable to see. #cuttlefish #whyalla #underwaterphoto #underwaterpics #underwaterphotography #giantcuttlefish #love #sealife #marinelife #oceanpix #oceanlife #aliens #happycouple #lovers #natgeoyourshot #naturephoto #scubadiving #ocean_photos #instaanimals #discovernature #naturephotography #seacreatures #animalsmood #exclusiveanimals #sonynex7 #nauticam

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