Mayura Station And 2KW Meet For A Wagyu Dining Experience For The Senses


Meat lovers rejoice, Mayura Station and our favourite rooftop bar/restaurant 2KW are combining for their newly established Meat for the Sense Dinner which will be taking place in June. It would be remiss to serve the iconic wagyu meat without a host of Japanese whiskies, red wine and dark beers which 2KW will kindly take upon themselves to procure.

Coffin Bay oyster, Mayura Station Cecina Wagyu, Wagyu foam and Yarra Valley Caviar

If you’re not familiar with the quality of wagyu then let us fill you in on the excellence of Mayura Station’s meat. Established in 1845 the Mayura pastoral leases in the Limestone Coast began importing full blooded wagyu cows from Japan in the 90s (the herd is now 8,000+) and today is the largest Australian and privately owned full blood wagyu herd.

Wagyu beef is coveted because of the intense marbling of the fat amongst the meat as well as the luxurious care that the cows are under while they are alive (like genuine kings). Both range and barn fed, these cows are probably more healthy than the average person, no HGP or antibiotics here. The cows are also treated ethically and Mayura uses entirely composted materials and traditional farming methods, yes to sustainability!

Winter has always been the perfect time for hearty beef and the five-course meal that the duo will be providing will feature wagyu rump cecina on black bread, a tartare, ponzu, bonito and fried rice crackers, Japanese grilled tomahawks and much more succulent treats.

This wouldn’t be a celebration of wagyu if there weren’t drinks that compliment, eat your wagyu rump with Little Bang’s Scratchy Vinyl pale ale, your bonito will be perfect with Hakushu umami soda and don’t forget the deep red Nero d’Avola from the Mount Horrocks with your tomahawk. The night won’t be over without some Kakubin and Yamazaki whiskey so get ready for some Japanese intoxicants.

The dinner is dated for the 27th of June at 6:30 pm at 2KW, perfectly in time with the height of the winter blues so book ahead for your own benefit. Find more info on that here.


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