The Simplest Kitchen Item That Will Change Your Life


We’ve all had those moments when we’ve been disgruntled to find sprouting onions and potatoes in the cupboard. In my case it’s because I really don’t cook at all, and they’re probably just trying to escape and make their way back to the garden, but still. It’s annoying as hell. Because clearly, in that particular instance, I had decided to cook.

Well I discovered something this week that has changed my outlook on life. And on the storage of root vegetables in my home. I’m feeling practically like Martha Stewart. I’m grunted. And it’s time for me to share this life changer with you.

Foodland in Frewville are stocking these bad boys…

It’s basically a storage device for morons like myself, to keep onions and potatoes from sprouting. Genius I know. There’s enough ventilation, whilst keeping everything nice and dark, to keep your onions and potatoes going for months. MONTHS. So basically, the next time I cook, at Easter, I’ll be set.

I know some of you might be across this already, but I’ve been storing my potatoes in my rice cooker, which is a pain in the neck, so yeah, this little gem will make 2017 the year of culinary hope for me.

Here’s my last amazing hot tip for you – don’t store your onions and potatoes together.

The photo and original tip off came from the amazing Elle Wyatt. 



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