The Five Juices You Need To Survive The New Year


We all know what the festive season means… A little too much overindulging in all of the food and alcohol. We think that it is totally justified. Hey, it is a happy time of the year. If you can’t drink and be merry at Christmas and your New Year’s Eve celebrations, then when can you? In saying that after it is all said and done, you can be left feeling a little, how can we put this, plump? Bloated? Lethargic? Yeah, not ideal going into a new year…

But never fear we have something that will help solve all your problems and it comes in the delicious form of juice. Yes! We have hit up the juice experts over at Raw and Real Cold-Pressed Juicery and Kitchen to find out just what you need to get down your gob to make life a whole lot better. Check out their top picks:

Battle The Festive Season Sins: DETOX —- Beetroot, Lemon, Apple, Turmeric, Carrot

Were you bad during the festive season? Did you eat your weight in roast meat and seafood? How about the pavlova and pudding? And then there was all that alcohol that you drank… We bet you feel like your body could use a detox from all that sugar and fat. Hello, beetroot! Beets are great for cleansing the liver so no doubt this juice will leave you feeling a whole lot better. Get to drinking!

Stick To Your New Year’s Resolution: FULL —- Kale, Lime, Celery, Apple, Ginger, Chia Seed

We think that the number one New Year’s resolution would have to have something to do with losing weight and getting healthy. Every year you say “this will be the year that I put down the cake and pick up the weights”… Well this juice will help you feel fuller and therefore less likely to gorge on all of the cake (hopefully).

Shop Until You Drop: ENERGY —- Kale, Spinach, Apple, Cucumber, Lemon, Broccoli

The new year always means sales. Sales galore! Sales everywhere! Sales, sales, sales! It is all a bit overwhelming. But hey, when you have a juice that can boost your energy, then you have nothing to worry about. This juice is packed full of greens and greens mean energy.

Sore No More: INFLAMMATION —- Red Cabbage, Watermelon, Cucumber, Pineapple

The festive season can mean some new aches and pains. A lack of sleep, lots of different activities and running around can lead to sore joints and inflammation. We are still recovering from the battle scars we received in the Christmas shopping craziness! Did you know that red cabbage has anti-inflammatory properties? It is high in antioxidants that help rid your body of those nasty toxins that have left you feeling less than 100%. Get that juice into you on the ASAP!

Immunity Booster: IMMUNITY —- Ginger & Mint

This is not one for the faint hearted. This immunity boosting shot (yes, shot) will give your system the boost it needs to hopefully stay healthy as the new year kicks off. It will help ward off those pesky Summer colds and any other bugs going around as the two ingredients work together as natures fighters. And for some reason we are picturing the ginger and mint with little boxing gloves… Anyway, bottoms up!

Do you have a sudden urge to drink all of the juice? We do too… Our experts, the juice geniuses at Raw and Real, have all of the goodness covered. So get your 2016 on track and hit up their amazing store at 20 James Place in the CBD. P.S if juice isn’t your jam, they have plenty of other healthy options including the tastiest salads, clean and green burger and sandwich options and yummy acai bowls.

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