The 5 Newest HIIT Workouts To Do In The Pool


Get ready to forget everything you think you know about aqua fitness. State Swim are bringing sexy back to the pool and rolling out a new range of high-intensity water work outs that will help whip you into top shape.


You might have seen the viral exercise videos floating around the net to do with something called FloatFit. A low-impact, cross training class training class where you do your entire workout STANDING ON A FLOATING MAT OVER THE WATER. We’re 100% serious. You’ll be doing burpees, squats, planks and mountain climbers whilst trying to balance yourself and not falling in.

If you’re only just starting out (at a lower fitness level) or you’re looking at getting back into a fitness routine, you’ll probably want to start off in the beginner class until you build up your core strength. This class is focused on improving muscle tone, flexibility and strength.

Once you’re confident or if you’re already feeling pretty fit and you’re just looking for a fun new way to challenge yourself, move on up to the 45-minute high-intensity (HIIT) class which is said to burn upward of 500 calories a session.


State Swim are also the first aquatic facility to have gotten their hands on aqua spin bikes in Australia! Think of your tradition spin/cycle class and then some. You’ll be burning up to 700 calories in 45 minutes, making it one of the best weight loss classes with super low risk of injury and minimum pressure on your joints.

AquaPole & Boxing

Wishing you had rock hard abs? AquaPole is for you. You’ll get all the core benefits of “pole dancing” without actually pole dancing. You’ll use the multi-functional work station to carry out more than 150 different aqua fitness exercises designed to focus primarily on sculpting perfect abs. You’ll walk out feeling muscles you didn’t even know you had!

Boxing is another great HIIT workout designed to get you moving, burning fat and improving your cardiovascular fitness. Don’t worry, no experience is required – every workout is modified to suit your fitness level.


Did you know, you get 15x more resistance in the pool than traditional strength training. AquaStrength uses 3D designed equipment that provides equal resistance in all planes of movement. This provides a highly efficient workout for all ages and abilities. The AquaStrength program focuses on seven foundational movements:

  • Pushing
  • Pulling
  • Hinging
  • Squatting
  • Twisting/Rotating
  • Lunging
  • Walking/Running

AquaStrength will help to improve your flexibility, stability and strength (upper body, lower body and core), coordination, power, speed and cardiovascular fitness.

Actually, working consistently over eight weeks in any of these classes, you should also see an improvement in your strength, body tone and shape and certainly combined with healthy possibly some weight loss.

The classes will be rotating between the four State Swim centres (Unley, Morphett Road, Seaford and Mount Barker) every eight weeks. . If there’s a class you’re particularly interested in, check out the club timetables to find the host centre. There’s a maximum of 10 people per class in all of the classes apart form the AquaBoxing which can take up to 20 people.

These aqua fitness programs are starting late January-early February. An 8-week block will cost between $104-$144.

For more information head to their website here.  They’re currently offering come and try classes if you want to test the waters before committing.



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