KISS and Motley Crue rock Adelaide



“Adelaide asked for the best and you got the best” screamed Gene Simmons over a sea of approximately 40,000 rockers and rev heads. That’s right, the Clipsal 500 grand finale kicked off with two of the world’s biggest rock bands – Motley Crue and KISS.

With over 80 million album copies sold worldwide, Nikki Sixx (bass guitarist), Tommy Lee (drummer), Mick Mars (lead guitarist) and Vince Neil (lead singer) of Motley Crue had all the right equipment to get the crowd’s engines going. After much anticipation, the Crue made a spectacular entrance full of laser beam lights, flames and fireworks, singing Saints of Los Angeles.

Favourite songs such as Shout at the Devil, Girls Girls Girls, Dr. Feelgood, and Same Ol’ Situation got the crowd’s adrenaline pumping right through to their heart racing, high speed hit Kickstart my heart.


Just to add a little extra spice to the act were dancers dressed in leather, some rocking the US flag and some were even dangling from bungy cords.  My favourite part of the performance was Tommy Lee’s drum solo that sent the drummer up on a circular rollercoaster that his drum kit was mounted to. The heart stopping result was Tommy Lee at the top of the coaster, hanging upside down as he continued drumming on his kit, showing no sign of any struggle.

Following the famous Crue was the car stopping main act – 70s rock band KISS. Making a fierce appearance since their last time in Oz 33 years ago, Paul Stanley (rhythm guitar, vocals), Eric Singer (drums, percussion, backing vocals), Tommy Thayer (lead guitar, vocals), and Gene Simmons (bass guitar, vocals) blessed the stage in true KISS style with their comic-book style makeup and classic black and silver superhero style costumes.

Tongues hanging and heads banging, KISS truly put on the works including fire breathing stunts and spitting blood through one of the guitar solos. At one stage the lighting rig was actually set on fire which caused a brief interruption – of course never losing the audience’s attention. DSCF2600

We were introduced to songs from the band’s latest album, “Monster”, such as Hell or Hallelujah and Outta this World. KISS also played some of the classics, one of my favourites, I was made for loving you, and their closing, hit song, Rock and Roll All Nite. Leaving the crowd showered in confetti as they rose up above us on cherry-pickers while fireworks lit up the sky. KISS brought a magnificent end to a weekend full of non-stop energy pumping action, rocking Adelaide all night.


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