GUYS! There’s A Pop-Up Bar Made Entirely From Ice Coming To Save You From Summer


If you think the best option in summer is to freeze yourself into a huge block of ice, well, all your summer dreams have been answered! There’s going to be a MASSIVE pop-up bar in the CBD this January… but it’s only going to be there for 5 days so you better hurry!

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We don’t know much at the moment, just that it’s called IceBar and that the frozen haven will include ice bars and ice sculptures and you’ll be able to enjoy a cocktail served in their famous ice glasses. Here’s the best bit: it’ll be in the minus temperatures there!

So grab that winter coat and beanie, have everyone look at you wondering what the hell you’re doing on a 40 degree day pretending like it’s winter and finally live the penguin life you deserve.

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Want to go? You best sign up for their pre-sale alerts ASAP, as there are limited tickets and it’s first come first served.


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