Get Set For Adelaide’s Biggest Water Fight


Oh dear lord! We don’t really have the ability to contain our excitement over this one. We are basically running around the office like small children hyped up on ice cream and chocolate…

Summer and water fights go hand in hand and this is the ultimate water fight. Actually, it is Adelaide’s biggest water fight! Oh yes, you read correctly! Adelaide’s biggest water fight. Is there anything more fun?

Just get yourself prepared because all of the water action is happening this Friday!

You will be supplied with hand held foam and all of the water balloons to go crazy and drench as many people as you can. Plus (as if we weren’t already having enough fun) the three hour event will be accompanied by a DJ and inflatables. Hello, H2O party!

Once you enter the H2O Explosion Arena fun will ensue! However, there are a few rules that you need to stick to if you want to take part:

1. Wear clothes that can get drenched. No good rocking up in your Sunday best.

2. Don’t bring bags, water balloons or water pistols or guns. The balloons are supplied and if you really feel like going all out small (and cheap) water pistols will be available for purchase on the day.

3. Leave your phone at home or get yourself a waterproof case. Everybody knows that phones and water aren’t friends.

4. Go H2O crazy!

And just a little bit of information for the environment conscious: the organisers of the event do look at how they can minimise water wastage. They ask council not to partake in their normal watering of the event grounds before and after H2O Explosion. Normal watering would use about 7,000 litres of water in an hour and the event will see 10,000 litres of water used. They also offer hand held foam as a device to soak your friends. That is much better for the environment.

Adelaide’s Biggest Water Fight

When: Friday 5 February, 2016
Time: 6.30pm – 9.30pm
Where: Colley Reserve, Glenelg
Tickets Online: $25 each or $20 each when purchased in group of 4 or more
Event Day Tickets: $30 each or $25 each when purchased in a group of 4 or more. (NB: Only available if event is not sold out prior)
Ages: All ages


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