Fringe Review: Gnomes VS Aliens


Presented by Such Clique
Review 23 February 2016

Gnomes VS Aliens follows an alien invasion on a suburban home and the gnomes who attempt to protect their homeland and its human inhabitants. The show is just as absurd as it sounds with a comedic style akin to drunken friends at a pub – complete with inappropriate jokes – which definitely works in its favour.

The abilities of the cast are varied but they all perform with a joy and enthusiasm that is easy to get caught up in. Ceramic is the standout performer with the strongest singing voice and best comedic timing. As a unit, the gnomes performed well together with their chemistry greatly helping their humour. Notable performances were also given by Number 1 and the Father who both sang their individual songs well. The music itself is boppy with Make Love to a Gnome easily being the highlight of the evening.

Set design was simple but functional and was primarily moved by a singular crew member whose numerous appearances almost made her a character within the show (she also made an appearance as the band’s kazoo player). Costume design was also good, ensuring clear differentiation between different characters and groups. Lighting was an issue and seemed under planned with spots getting knocked over and clunky light changes. The small band was tight and performed all of the music well.

This show has a fun but cobbled-together feel to it. By no means is this serious or professional theatre but, for a ridiculous and inappropriate night out, it successfully serves its purpose.

Note: No program on the night meant that the names of performers, production team and crew could not be mentioned.

Rating (out of 5): 3.5

Reviewed by Nathan Quadrio

Venue: Adelaide Irish Club
Season: 23 February – 26 February
Duration: 60 minutes
Tickets: $16.50 – $28


Absurd fun

a ridiculous and inappropriate night out

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