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Family Pin1

For 38 years Tea Tree Players has produced an end-of-year pantomime filled with audience participation, fun and frivolity. This year’s production of ‘Pinocchio’ is no exception.

Family ChristmasDragon

A group of orphans, who can’t remember Christmas, set out to find the magic and restore the holiday, facing adventure and danger along the way.

Family ImpysIsland

On the island of Tikiwoo, a dinosaur/dragon hybrid is hatched but in a faraway land, King Pumponell learns of little Impy’s existence and sets out to hunt him.

Family Bugs1

Bugsy Malone revolves around Fat Sam’s Speak Easy Club and the ongoing feud he has with Dandy Dan, the rival gang leader who is trying to take over Sam’s empire.

Breaking Lauren Krelshem. Image by Jo-Anna Robinson of PhotoJo

Adelaide girl Lauren Krelshem has been battling leukemia since the age of 13. Being in and out of hospital for a lifetime is not only hard physically but emotionally too. Now on the eve of her 21st birthday, a social media campaign organised by her friends to lift her spirits has gone viral, and no one could have expect the effects.

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