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Breaking Will Cox (Nick), Madeleine Herd (Daisy) and Lindsay Prodea (Gatsby) in The Great Gatsby.

With a hit of jazz, booze, foxtrot, glitter, and the odd slice of adultery, any murder can be a work of art when Robert Croser flings it onto the stage.

Breaking Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 7.03.52 pm

The entire 55 mins of ‘SDS1’ is a cleverly abstracted or – to use a trendy modern cooking term – ‘deconstructed’ soccer training session and match.

Breaking faust-sml-150x150

In a beautifully sumptuous revival of Sir David McVicar’s production of ‘Faust’, SA Opera have breathed new life and fresh depravity into it.

Breaking Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 2.44.39 pm

James Goldman gives us familial insight into Henry II; Eleanor of Aquitaine; Prince John; Richard the Lionheart; Geoffrey, Count of Brittany; Alais Capet; and Philip of France.

Breaking l to r: Theresa Dolman, Samuel Creighton, Tim Taylor, Leighton Vogt

Key For Two’, written by two expert farceurs, John Chapman and Dave Freeman, is a delightful farce that holds its own with the best of them.

Breaking De Novo

Acclaimed Sydney Dance Company premiered its new show, ‘De Novo’, to a sold out Her Majesty’s Theatre. It consists of 3 works, ‘Emergence’, ‘Fanatic’ and ‘Cacti’.

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