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Film Reviews BlackMass

An FBI agent reunites with his childhood friend who is now head of the Irish mafia and finds he must choose between personal sentiment and career loyalty.

Film Reviews TheMartianMovie

On a mission to Mars, astronaut Mark Watney is caught in an astral storm and abandoned by his crew, leaving him to survive alone in the Martian landscape.

Film Reviews PanMovie

An origin story for JM Barrie’s Peter Pan, who is spirited away to Neverland where he must learn why he was taken and ultimately fulfil his destiny.

Film Reviews macbeth2015

Shakespeare’s classic tale about a power-mad warrior who murders his way to the top with the help of his equally megalomaniacal wife.

Film Reviews sicario

One of the strongest movies about the drug trade, Sicario blurs the line between friend & foe in the drug war between the American & Mexican border.

Film Reviews Everestfilm

Examining a disastrous expedition to climb Mount Everest in 1996, Everest is a white-knuckle contest between man vs nature that leads to unexpected results.

Film Reviews TheVisitfilm2015

Siblings Becca and Tyler are sent to stay with grandparents they have never met only to find strange things are starting to happen.

Film Reviews TheGiftmovie

A married couple unexpectedly meet old school acquaintance who slowly integrates himself into their world with secrets threatening to unravel their lives.

Film Reviews Iris2015

93 year old Iris Apfel dresses flamboyantly but really knows how to put an outfit together in this documentary of one of New York’s most endearing fashionista.

Film Reviews Effie-Gray

This true story is a period drama of 19 year old Effie Gray who was one of the first women in history to divorce after marrying an older, neglectful artist.

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