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OzAsia Festival Unknown

Dedicated to composer John Cage, Artistic Director Fu Hong Zheng’s production of Dear John is unique and creative marriage of multi-disciplines, resulting in a captivating symphony of noise and movement whilst music Composition from Lin Kuei-Ju provides a meditational soundtrack to this visually interesting piece.

OzAsia Festival The Streets

Contemporary Indonesian dance theatre has arrived in Adelaide, with ‘The Streets’ painting a graphic, often confronting picture of the bustling chaos of Jakarta.

Breaking september-guide

We know that our city is constantly bustling with exciting new things to see, do and eat of course! With so much going on organising your outings can be tricky. So how are to separate the ‘musts’ from the ‘maybes’? We’ve made it super simple and laid it all out for you in our Adelaide September To Do List.

Adelaide Festival Adelaide Fringe

Welcome to ‘The Festival State’ ladies and gents. We see the phrase every single day but probably don’t take the time to think about how lucky that makes us. That means South Australia is the state that officially knows how to throw the best parties! Come on, it even says so on our license plates.

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