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Welcome to ‘The Festival State’ ladies and gents. We see the phrase every single day but probably don’t take the time to think about how lucky that makes us. That means South Australia is the state that officially knows how to throw the best parties! Come on, it even says so on our license plates.

Breaking Festival2015-TheCardinals

When their puppets go missing, 3 cardinals must act out their own evangelical puppet show with utter seriousness and crippling theatrical ineptitude.

Breaking Orbo Novo. Photo by Julieta Cervantes, Adelaide Festival of Arts

The Australian premiere of this dance piece is based on the work of neuroanatomist Dr Jill Bolte Taylor who, after a stroke, wrote the book My Stroke of Insight

Breaking Jon Bond, Vânia Doutel Vaz in Mixed Rep. Photo by Paula Lobo, Adelaide Festival of Arts.

Mixed Rep is a mixture lifted from the Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet’s growing repertoire: Violet Kid, Ten Duets on a Theme of Rescue and Indigo Rose.

Breaking Vampillia. Photo by Rob Walbers.

Featuring members of bands from all over the musical spectrum (but mostly noise and experimental rock), Vampillia are an eclectic (and very eccentric) band.

Breaking Festival2015-NufoniaMustFall

An utterly charming, live puppet show made up of multiple puppets on beautifully designed miniature sets projected onto a movie screen & accompanied by incredible music.

Breaking The cast of Azimut. Photo by Agnes Mellon, Adelaide Festival of Arts.

Based on the centuries-old tradition of Moroccan acrobatics, this mesmerising blend can only be described as ‘human art’, exploring Sufi traditions with a modern edge.


A fresh, jazz interpretation of The Who’s original concept album of ‘Tommy’, a rock opera produced in 1969 and since reimaged for both the stage and screen.

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