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Arts billy

Entertainment legend, Billy Crystal, entertained a Full House at the Adelaide Festival Theatre, earning a very deserved standing ovation.

Arts Ghost Stories

Despite what we say, we love being scared. The anticipation for the fright builds tension to a crescendo fuelling our adrenaline. ‘Ghost Stories’ fulfils this need.

Arts 60 four

Take four talented young performers with musical and theatre backgrounds, introduce them to the music of the 60’s and give them the chance to harmonise, then sit back and enjoy the result.

Arts Price1

Price Check’ is a great little Aussie musical set in a local supermarket and has been penned and produced by ex-Adelaidean, Sean Weatherly, and is currently performing here in his home town.

Breaking Wicked2016-700px

A re-imaging of Oz in a time before Dorothy arrived when two young witches meet and become friends, unaware that their destinies lie in opposite directions.

Arts Straight

Three straight, white brothers and their father come together at Christmas to celebrate in the “proper” straight, white way: by drinking beer, eating Chinese take-out and playing video games.

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