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Welcome to ‘The Festival State’ ladies and gents. We see the phrase every single day but probably don’t take the time to think about how lucky that makes us. That means South Australia is the state that officially knows how to throw the best parties! Come on, it even says so on our license plates.

Breaking Fringe2015-RossHannaford

Hannaford is a highly skilled, jobbing guitarist/song-writer who showcased his ability to self-record a loop & play over it, along with his laid-back, unfazed style.

Breaking Fringe2015-KatieNoonan

Katie Noonan lit up the Adelaide Fringe for one night only, focussing primarily on her new music that will feature as part of her soon-to-be-released EP.

Breaking Adelaide Art Walk

A Fringe Festival first, Adelaide Art Walk is being held from the 26 February to 12 March every Thursday night from 6pm to 10pm along Melbourne Street.

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