Album review: Circa Zero- ‘Circus Hero’



Set for release on Mar 28, Circa Zero is a collaboration between ex Police guitarist Andy Summers, and Rob Giles (The Rescues) who have delivered a splendid album in Circus Hero. From the opening track ‘Levitation‘, a mixture of pop/rock coupled with Giles’ distinctive vocals along with some great guitar licks lends a great sound overall to this album.

Recorded at Summers’ studio ‘Bowl of Cherries’ in Los Angeles, Circa Zero is an exciting new chapter for both artist, who state that the name refers to both of them starting with a blank musical slate to create a wholly unique sound, a sound with few, if any, ties to the past.

Although in no way an attempt to imitate the sounds of The Police or The Rescues, it is easy to be taken back to the sounds of Andy Summer’s time with The Police and that distinctive guitar style that appears throughout many of the songs. Both have brought their collective experiences to the table and have combined years of talent into an easy to listen to album which has an upbeat, energetic feel to it.

‘Underground’ showcases Giles’ solo vocals and inventive use of harmonies, as does  ‘Night Time Travellers’. Not all songs are hard rock though, with Summer Lies being more of a ballad and ‘Whenever You Hear The Rain’  a more gentle sounding  song, with Summers’ unmistakeable guitar occasionally reminding you of ‘Every Breath You Take’. You can hardly blame him though, it’s been one of his signature riffs for the past 30 years.

Circus Hero is a fantastic album with an intensity to it that will make you want to groove. Due for release on Mar 28, do yourself a favour and but this album. It’s not only for fans of The Police or The Rescues, but Circa Zero are in a league of their own musically and talent wise. Two of the best in the industry have thankfully stumbled across each other and Circus Hero is the result-some things were just meant to be!


Reviewed by Darren Hassan






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