A Fine Bromance – 2012 Adelaide Cabaret Fringe


Presented by The Bad Boys of Music Theatre
Reviewed Friday 8th June 2012

Andrew Strano and John Frankland are straight men who like musical theatre. Incredulous as this may seem the two have united their love of show tunes and of each other in a show celebrating the often dismissed, but vital relationship, the ‘Bromance’.

A classic odd couple, the hyperactive Strano bursts onto the stage with the enthusiasm of a terrier, and is nicely balanced by the equally enthusiastic, but somewhat more focussed, Frankland. The routine is polished to perfection, Strano and Frankland’s rapport with one another obviously genuine, and they are so far on top of their material that even unexpected hiccups simply become part of the show. They bounce off both each other and their audience, working side conversations and running gags with individual audience members seamlessly into the show.

Only a couple of jokes pushed the crass-factor a little too far, but even though the themes were predominantly of an adult nature, the Boys navigate the line between bad taste and actually funny, successfully. Direction by Casey Gould is tight and well-paced, and good use is made of multimedia inserts to provide added insights into the Bad Boys’ relationship. Loclan Mackenzie-Spencer provides constant support from behind the piano, managing to be part of the action one moment, and then completely invisible as the situation calls.

This is a well-crafted and incredibly funny show from a very clever and talented duo.

Reviewed by Megan Doherty, Guest Cabaret Fringe Critic, Glam Adelaide.

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Venue: Tuxedo Cat, 199-200 North Terrace, Adelaide
Season: to 9th June 2012
Duration: 60min
Tickets: $20-$25
Bookings: BASS 13 12 45 or here


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