Lukoumades Is Bringing Doughy Fried Goodness To Henley!


It’s no secret that Henley Square is becoming a foodie hub, with cafes like Delicia Acai recently opening a store, Melt re-opening its doors, and now… drum roll, pleaseLukoumades setting up shop amongst the beach breezes and easygoing atmosphere.

For those of you who don’t know (shame!), Lukoumades (pronounced ‘loo-koo-MAH-thess’) is a humble, yet big-hearted dessert store currently located in Hyde Park, serving up some of the tastiest Greek donuts on the planet.

The owner, Alex, comes from a Greek background—so food was always a big part of his family life. He was inspired by his yiayia (grandmother) who would often make these delicious golden balls covered in honey for his family.

“It dawned on me one day, [that]everyone else should be able to try these tasty delights,” Alex says. “I then came up with the idea to create Lukoumades.”

The recipe used to make the donuts at Lukoumades was passed down from his yiayia—so it’s a special, longstanding recipe. Alex tries to stay true to his Greek roots and the traditional side of food, while “adding in a modern day twist so there [is]a little something for everyone!”

That’s right… there is plenty of nutella involved.

These glorious, bite-sized, golden brown dough balls were apparently served to the winners of the Greek Olympics, so when you tuck into a serving of lukoumades drizzled in nutella and generously topped with strawberries, you’re feasting like a winner.

(Not to worry though—even if you haven’t won any Greek Olympics, you can still enjoy these classic Greek desserts, freshly made to order at Lukoumades!)

Nutella not your thing? (Whaaaaaat?!) Get excited for five new donut flavours and a new fruity dessert as well, only at the new Henley store.

The delicious dough balls are going to be available in Henley by mid-September, just in time for Spring and just in time to celebrate Lukoumades first birthday in October! Talk about a great birthday present—for Lukoumades and all their fans!

We won’t say too much more (they say expectation makes the heart grow fonder, right?), so you’ll just have to follow Lukoumades on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with when their new Henley store opens… and be the first in line to try those new flavours.


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