Learn To Cook With Adelaide’s Yayas, Babas and Nonnas


Ever wanted to learn to cook from your Yaya but realised that you don’t have one? Us too. Luckily turns out the City of Unley heard our thoughts, and are hosting The Travelling Table between 7-10 June this year!

The Travelling Table will be a unique culinary experience led by some of South Australia’s most talented home cooks aka SA’s own migrant grandmas. The initiative explores the plethora of migrant cultures and foods through cooking workshops and of course eating!

The first event focuses on three post-war migrant communities: Greece, Ukraine and Italy. Three dinners and three cooking workshops will be held – each focusing on each different and unique culture.

The sit-down dinner which seats 130 guests, offers a four-course surprise meal, the menu is created by the masterminds of the migrant grandmas. Although we know how mighty our grandmas are, chefs like the executive chef of Roxies and Midnight Spaghetti John Stamatakis will be in the kitchen assisting these Adelaide Grandmas with the massive feast.

The three cooking workshops allow us Adelaidians master a perfect pasta, a top-notch tzatziki or the best borshch. We are given the opportunity to learn and taste secret tips directly from family recipes which go back to centuries of tradition. We can also learn from special guest Chef Matteo Giordana, from Adelaide restaurant Pane e Latte.

A selection of wines will be available at The Travelling Table thanks to The Online Wine and beers will be available thanks to Pirate Life Brewing.

Vic Pisani, co-director of the Travelling Table says that majority of the recipes that will be tasted at the festival have never been written down. Pisani says “They’re all dishes passed down by mothers and grandmas through demonstration and practice and are very much a snapshot of their post-war migrant kitchen and family history.” Pisani continues saying that “All of these grandmothers are at the centre of maintaining our state’s migrant history and identity and their recipes and cooking connects us and their families to their cultural heritage … We’re so lucky to have them share their food and stories with us.”

So make sure you head down to Unley Town Hall on June 7-10 so you can write down these recipes and enjoy our vibrant city.

Food aside, the grandmas of The Travelling Table will also be sharing stories and cultural entertainment with the assistance of ABC Radio Adelaide, the Migration Museum, community group and other special guests.


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