It’s A Crab-Tastic Month For Crustacean Lovers At Sean’s Kitchen


It’s back! The carnival party we’ve all been dreaming of. Crab Carnival at Sean’s Kitchen! It’s time to don your adult bib and get ready to start cracking shells daily until 22 April.

They’ve billed it as a celebration of the crustacean to get you out of your shell. And boy – it’s going to be crab-tastic! There’s going to be events, and some amazing crab themed dishes, including the (extremely delicious) and popular Louisiana Crab Broil.

From crab bruschetta and dressed blue swimmer crab to king crab mac & cheese or Sean’s famous crab linguini, we’re all going mad for crabs this March!

Get your hands on some soft-shell-crab burgers, salt and pepper Alaskan King Crab legs, and don’t forget the King Crab toast!!

Those salt & pepper Alaskan King Crab legs – defs worth the risk they take on Deadliest Catch!

There’s also crabby-themed drink specials, with Crabby Mary’s available all month, the perfect accompaniment to a crab-stravaganza!

Jump on the phone and book for a Tuesday Crab Spectacle with Sean’s chilli mud crab, or head in on a Thursday for some Louisiana Crab Broil (yummmm). So get your mallets and get ready to get messy!

So get the crabs before they get you! (By booking online here)

If you’re after the he Tuesday night chilli mud crab or the Thursday night Louisiana Crab Broil (which you should be), please call Sean’s Kitchen on 8218 4244 as 24 hours notice and a pre-payment are required for these events.


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