Interview: Marcos Curiel Of P.O.D


We were lucky enough to chat to lead guitarist Marcos Curiel of Christian nu-metal band P.O.D. about their upcoming tour in Australia, it’s the first time they’ve been here in ten years. We talked about what they’ve been up to, what they’re looking forward to on the Australian tour, and what’s next for P.O.D.!

J: There’s so many fans over here in Adelaide and Australia. Lots of people are dying to see you over here. Are you looking forward to the tour?

M: Yeah man, we always have a great experience over there! It’s been a while, we’ve been trying to get back over there for ages now. I can’t believe it’s taken so long!

Its wicked man, everyone over here is so pumped that you’re coming back! Can’t wait to catch your show.

Hopefully there won’t be such a big gap next time. We want it to be more consistent, you know? It’s kind of our responsibility, it’s our fault it’s been so long I suppose.

What songs are you gonna play on the tour? Are you mostly playing ‘Satellite’ or are you going to play a bit of everything?

It’s more of an advertising and marketing thing for Satellite, we’re gonna play the whole album and then play a bunch of our hits. You can’t please everybody, there’s always songs that don’t get played, but we hope we make as many people happy as possible.

Do you guys have a favourite song to play?

Definitely ‘Youth of the Nation’. It’s such a powerful song, no matter where we play it in the world. It strikes a chord with the listener. Such a powerful song, and it’s still relative today, especially in our country. It just taps in everybody’s heart, it’s such an epic moment, every night when I hit that guitar note and it starts to ring out, I can just see the crowds faces light up and I think to myself “this is why I play.”

It’s been a long time since you were over here, what have you been up to these past ten years?

Well we’ve been touring the states, and doing some stuff in the U.K. We were always asking to come back to Australia, but we’ve been through a few different managing companies now. There was some weird stuff that went down in Australia with “Soundwave” a few years ago when artists didn’t get paid. What’s weird is we’d been trying to play that festival for all those years and the guy just never booked us. Then when we played Download festival the guy came and watched our set where there were about twenty thousand people, and we absolutely annihilated it. His loss.

That’s a bit of a blessing in disguise in that sense, a lot of people lost a lot of money… Where do the hip hop elements in your music come from?

If you’ve ever been to California, you might see where our style developed from. There’s a lot of similarities to some places in Australia, the beaches, the laid back lifestyle. We grew up in a city of hip hop and punk rock, which is where our somewhat urban style came from. As teens we loved hardcore and punk music, but we also loved hip hop, so we wanted to mash all of that together. It just comes naturally, it’s where we’re from, and it’s the music we have in our bones.

Where has been your favourite place in the world to tour?

Well every time we go to Australia it’s always amazing. We usually go there for a few extra weeks so we can spend some time there, and we love it! It’s beautiful, we need that extra time to take it all in. I’ve got to make some plans before our tour so I can have some extra time over there this time, I may even rent a holiday house or something and stay for a little while. That’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Australia is so different to the United States, it’s refreshing. We like to go on adventures as a band and check out different things that people recommend to us. Sometimes we just keep exploring until we don’t really know where we are, there’s just so much to see and do. Those adventures definitely inspire us musically as well.

What guitars have you been using recently?

I’ve been playing Paul Reed Smith guitars since the late nineties. I love them, so I’ve just stuck with them. They’re the perfect fit for me. PRS are great, whenever they come out with new guitars they send me one to try out.

What amps have you been using?

As far as amplifiers go, I’ve been using Mesa Boogie’s for years. I’ve also been using a lot of Marshalls.  

It’s been lovely chatting with you! Can’t wait to catch your show at The Gov. There’s gonna be heaps of people, it’ll be wicked. See you there! 

 Interview by Jonathan Matthews


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