Interview: Chris Asimos – Wind In The Willow’s Mr Toad


These October holidays will sing as The Australian Shakespeare Company’s fun production of Kenneth Grahame’s classic children’s tale, The Wind In The Willows, blows into Adelaide’s beautiful Botanic Gardens. This critically acclaimed outdoor theatre production returning from its second sold out season in London’s Kew Gardens, delivers music, songs and lots of laughs.

Chris Asimos

The cast consists of a mixture of Melbourne and Adelaide actors. Glam has managed to secure interviews with two of the Adelaide born Actors. The interview that follows is between myself and Mr Toad himself, Chris Asimos.

B.G. Hi Chris. First off, could you give us a brief history of your career?.

C.A. I grew up in Adelaide and trained here at the Flinder’s Drama Centre. I started my professional acting career here in Adelaide and continued that journey interstate as well as overseas in the US. I’ve had a versatile career starting in television, film and theatre. Just some jobs include House Husbands, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries as well as roles within the State Theatre Company.

B.G. Who do you play in Wind In The Willows and could you tell us a little about the character?

C.A. I play the flamboyant Mr. Toad. He is quite the character: a boastful, eccentric animal who is well loved by all the river bank creatures – well at least he thinks so. Rich, carefree and debonair. He loves a good singalong too – as long as it’s about him!

B.G. How does performing for children differ from your usual roles?

C.A. I do a lot of children theatre so this is a walk in the park for me. Or should I say a walk in the botanic park! I’ve been performing in children’s theatre since I graduated from my acting course in 2008, so not a big adjustment.

B.G. Why do you think Wind In The Willows is the classic story that it is?

C.A. Wind In The Willows seems to be a family favourite whoever you speak to. It remains popular and nostalgic because every new generation is introduced to it from their parents and their parents before them. The stories and situations remain relevant and entertaining. The play is the oldest in Australia. It has been performed every year for 32 years and I don’t see why it can’t do another 32 years!

B.G. How does this version differ from the many others that there have been over the years?

C.A. We keep the show up to date and always add pop culture references to really draw in the crowd.

B.G. Is there anything else you would like to say about this production?

C.A. We have a wonderfully talented cast and a fast paced, entertaining show that all ages can enjoy! And the setting of the botanical gardens is simply spectacular!

Interviewed by Brian Godfrey
Twitter: @briangods

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DATES: 29 September to 14 October 2018
WHERE: Adelaide Botanic Garden, North Terrace, Adelaide
WHEN: Tues to Thu 10.00am; Friday & Sat 10am & 2pm; Sun 7 Oct 10am; Sun 14 Oct 2pm
PRICES: Adult/Child $25-$30; Family (group of 4) $90-$110



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