Have We Just Settled The Pineapple On Pizza Debate?


Brace yourselves, because we might have settled one of humanity’s greatest debates: does pineapple belong on pizza?

Data from the Menulog report has revealed that in 2017 pineapple was one of the top three pizza choices alongside cheese and bacon, for us Aussies.

Pineapple on pizza (aka the Hawaiian) was created in 1962 by Sam Panopoulous at the Satellite Restaurant in Toronto, Canada.

According to Menulogs report, it seems that Hawaiian was, in fact, the second most popular choice of pizza, coming only second to Margarita! This is pretty outstanding as many know, Margarita is the staple and classic pizza flavour. Despite what Gordon Ramsey thinks, looks like us Aussies are super fans of this hybrid.

Although Pineapple was sometimes removed from toppings by 7,000 people, alongside the infamous anchovy topping and also olives, far more people decided to voluntary ADD pineapple to their pizzas, with a total of 200,000 selecting it as an extra topping! So total, 825,000 pizzas came with pineapple on them! Looks like pineapple does belong on Pizza.

With world leaders including Canada’s Justin Trudeau and Iceland’s Guðni Th. Jóhannesson weighing in on the debate. In fact, Iceland’s president wants to ban pineapple on pizza, which makes us question our belief that Iceland is a great place to live in.

South Aussies what is your take on this debate? Team Pineapple or Team Anti-Pineapple? According to Menulog’s report, we ordered 11KM worth of pizza in just one year! And Australian’s ordered a whopping four million pizzas last year alone! In fact, Italian food has remained the most popular food category in Australia for the past 12 years. Basically, us Aussies are the Gary, George and Matt of pizza judging. So, please let us know your thoughts on this great debate

South Australians we can check out how their pizza habits compare to the rest of the nation here.


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