Film Review: Girls Trip is One Hell of a Ride


Prepare yourself for one hell of a ride as Girls Trip takes you on a once-in-a-lifetime jaunt through party-central New Orleans as four feisty old college friends reconnect with each other (and their past wild ways).

As the Flossy Possy they ruled the roost back in their college days, but after graduation, as careers and families came into the picture, the group slowly disbanded and life became much more serious. Flossy Possy member and self-help author extraordinaire, Ryan Pearce, has been given the lead speaking role at the upcoming Essence festival (a huge music festival aimed primarily towards African-American women) held in New Orleans. She decides this is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with her college besties on the all-expenses paid trip and, of course, hilarity and adventure (or misadventure) ensues.

The film is definitely rated R for good reason, with exponential amounts of swearing and humour that isn’t afraid to ‘go there’. Potty-humour plays a large part in this with many bodily fluids expelled onto other people and private body parts viewed (full-frontal naked homeless man anyone?), combined with bizarre sexual acts performed at the dinner table and many-a-dick joke throughout the entire film.

Unlike other youth-based “trip” films (EuroTrip, Road Trip, etc.), Girls Trip shares many similarities with The Hangover as its focus is on a group of mature friends who have careers, kids and adult responsibilities. These women definitely had their fun when they were young, but despite being older now they can still let loose, throw caution to the wind and party hard (with the help of hallucinogenic alcohol).

The entire cast completely sell their story of years of close friendship and are incredibly cohesive, as well as abrasive, within their up-and-down friendship and the many, many issues it faces. Lead actress, Regina Hall, finds the perfect balance between Ryan’s emotional self-growth contrasting with her wild, comedic side, with sneak-peaks of Hall’s famous Scary Movie character, Brenda Meeks, found in her familiar facial expressions.

The normally sassy, scene-stealing Queen Latifah is completely overshadowed by new-comer extraordinaire, comedian Tiffany Haddish, who is the absolute pinnacle of perfection as the crazy (like, probably actually mildly insane) party-girl with a heart of gold, Dina. From attacking hotel guests with broken champagne bottles to molesting P Diddy on stage and willingly drugging her friends, Haddish has the audience in absolute stitches with her ‘F**k it’ attitude and balls of steel (not literally). Keep an eye out for what should be her prize-winning performance with a grapefruit, as well as her career, because this girl is going to go far!

Kate Walsh provides a brilliant balance to the four African-American lead women, as the perky, ever-so-white manager of Ryan’s multi-million-dollar career. Playing the only main ‘white girl’ in the film she nails the cringe-factor, especially in scenes where girl-bonding with the Flossy Possy is about as awkward as it gets (cue white woman attempting black slang and failing oh-so-miserably).

Reviewed by Georgina Smerd
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Girls Trip is one of the best comedies 2017 has produced and is one hell of a ride that you don’t want to miss!

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