Genius New Electric Bikes Have Come To Adelaide


The futuristic alternative to electric bikes has arrived in Adelaide, and it is looking set to be a complete game changer. We’re talking: the world’s fastest folding, ultra-lightweight and portable electric bike.

Called ‘Stigo,’ these bikes were developed in response to the need of many urban commuters wanting an easy way to use an electric bike without the difficulty of having to store it. With an ability to store in two seconds into a wheeled suitcase-type package, you can bring it along anywhere and charge from a regular outlet at home or work. Totally genius!

It is also completely possible to take this portable electric bike on the train, tram, bus, car and even airplane – all the while helping to improve the environment (and your bank balance).

An average Australian household spends nearly $8000 per year on short distance travel. And if you drive and park your car in the city, an average car park cost $500 per month, not to mention the hassle of finding a convenient parking spot (oh, the dread!). But not to worry, because the Stigo will help you save time and money, as you can travel 20-25km on just a single charge. Oh, and did we mention… it’s a bike that doesn’t need to be registered and, just like any normal bike, has been approved for use on the road and bike paths.

So if you’re looking for a smart and stress-free way to get around as you go about your daily life, this genius electric bike might be just for you. More details can be found here. 




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