Fulfil Your Whiskey And Cream Dreams: The Holdy Have A Bailey’s Bar


What do you choose when you’ve had a few unfortunate nights with drinks like tequila or vodka? Easy, Baileys! Irish whiskey and cream based liqueur that melts in your mouth and warms your inside, which taste even better during these chilly weekends.

If you’re a fan then we’ve got some amazing news, the first Adelaide Baileys Bar has launched and its in our fave Glenelg location, The Holdy! What better way to spend these winter weekends than with a cocktail concoction made by the talented bartenders at the Holdy with this surprising venture.

Serving classics like White Russians (the dude abides and so do we), the Bailey’s version of the Espresso Martini, Honey Bee, a Baileys, whiskey and honey mix and a cocktail aptly named Midnight Mint which combines, (you guessed it) the complementing flavours of Baileys and mint. If you want just the flavour of Bailey’s they do serve Bailey’s on the rocks so can always opt for the classic.

The launch was rousing success with a fiery performance by the talented Scaffie Olding from Dragon Mill that made sure that the visitors were warmed by the display AND the bespoke cocktails.

We spoke to Evan Leblanc from Diageo who tells us that not only is the Holdy Bailey’s Bar the first of its kind it’s hopefully the start of way more popping up!

All we’re asking for is for it to stay a bit longer since for now we’ve only got till the end of September to enjoy this Bailey’s Bar!

Activation: NOW – end of September
Where: 83 Brighton Road, Glenelg, Adelaide, SA


Update: the bar was originally only running till end of August, this article has been updated to reflect the September change.


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