Fringe Review: Kaput with Tom Flanagan


Praise the Fringe gods! I’ve finally found a genuine family friendly show – that’s absolutely brilliant for the kids (they didn’t stop laughing) and bloody fantastic for the adults too. In fact, I’d be happy to go there without my kids, but if you’re considering doing that, be warned. You’ll be surrounded by the happiest roomful of children I’ve seen. Tom is masterful in all he puts his talented mind to, and makes this hour of showtime fun, one that you’ll absolutely love.

In a nod to the comedy of Charlie Chaplin, and Buster Keaton, Tom pulls off a fantastic one man, silent slapstick comedy show, which is entertaining from start to finish.

Tom’s boundless energy is infectious, and his quick wit, talent at expressing comedy and drama without speaking a word, and ability to keep a room full of people hanging on his every move, is a testament to his skill. And his physical skill set is phenomenal as well. This show only teases us with his circus abilities (he’s previously performed in Club Swizzle, Circus Oz and Tom Tom Crew) , but it’s just enough to make you appreciate his training, while leaving you hanging for his next Fringe show and whatever it entails.

Get in and see this show, because you’ll enjoy it no matter your age, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be crying with laughter.

5/5 Stars

Buy tickets here:
Venue: Corona Theatre at The Garden of Unearthly Delights
Season: 24 Feb to 12 March 2018

Full Price: $20.00
Family: $70.00
BankSA Customer: $15.00
Group 6+: $15.00
Companion Card: $0.00

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