Fringe Review: The Yellow Wave


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Reviewed 11 March 2017

The Yellow Wave had to cancel all of its performances except one due to an actor being cast in an upcoming ABC television program. As exciting as this is for a young Australian performer, it is crime against the arts that this show will not be seen by more people this Fringe.

Following the tale of a Mongol invasion into Queensland, John Marc Desengano and Keith Brockett play a multitude of characters under the clever narration of Andrea McCannon. Each of these performances is absolutely stunning as Desengano and Brockett slip effortlessly between half a dozen characters in a matter of seconds. McCannon has less character to play with but that doesn’t make her any less enjoyable. Despite some flubbed lines, these are performances of the highest calibre.

Under the brilliant directorial hand of Beng Oh, Jane Miller’s hilarious script is executed perfectly. The laughs are constant, with the pacing and energy remaining high throughout. Matthew Barber’s lighting design and Emily Collett’s set and costume design are all simple and work well with the show to keep it slick.

Quite simply, this show is brilliant from start to finish. Hilarious dialogue, fantastic characterisations, stunning executed physical comedy – Adelaide audiences can only hope that it returns to our theatres soon.

Reviewed by Nathan Quadrio

Rating out of 5:  5

One Night Only – Season ended




“Exceptionally well performer and hilarious”

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