Fringe Review: The Scientific Bubble Show


Presented by Marty McBubble
Reviewed 4 March 2018

Marty McBubble is a bubble-ologist. He knows all about the chemical construction of bubbles and in The Scientific Bubble Show, he presents the basic science in a way that is perfect for young children. He makes all sorts of bubbles, but even when the frame is a square or triangle, the bubble emerges as a sphere because bubbles are like children: they always follow the rules (parents can insert an expression of amused scepticism here).

Tandanya theatre is a great venue for the show. Unlike some of the other bubble shows held in tents, the staggered and raised seating provided a great view for all. The fact that Marty was on the stage out the front of the audience also meant unsuspecting parents were not subject to a constant dousing of bubble juice (can you tell I reviewed different bubble shows last year?!). Staying dry equals an added bonus for parents!

Needless to say, there were all sorts of bubbles: small, medium and gigantic bubbles. There were wobbly bubbles on a plate, spatterings of bubble “snow”, a cube bubble inside a conglomeration of other bubbles, smoke-filled bubbles, helium bubbles that floated to the roof, a caterpillar bubble and a merry-go-round trick. Mr McBubble put children inside gigantic bubbles, made rainbow arcs over two children, and had a good dose of audience participation. A note on this: kids near the front were those chosen to come up on stage. If your child is the sort who likes to ‘have a turn’, put them near the front.

As a parent of young children, I’ve seen a bunch of bubble shows. This one was the most professional I’ve seen to date; the performer was assured and professional with a great stage presence and easy humour. Tandanya is comfortable and cool and basically, this is a wonderful bubble show for young children. Forty-five minutes was the perfect length for younger kids, and the inclusion of the science makes it great for primary school kids as well.

Reviewed by Sam Bond
Twitter: @SamStaceyBond

Rating out of 5:  4.5

Venue:  Tandanya Theatre, 253 Grenfell Street, Adelaide
Season:  4, 11 and 18 March
Duration:  45 minutes
Tickets:  $13.75­-$17


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