Fringe Review: Laser Kiwi


Presented by Colossal
Reviewed 21 February 2018

New Zealand trio Imogen Stone, Zane Jarvie, and Degge Jarvie treated Adelaide to the Australian Premiere of their comedy, physical theatre production, Laser Kiwi.

Inspired by a satirical contender in the change of New Zealand flag, Laser Kiwi rises from the simple premise that any idea should be given a go with full commitment even when it is very likely to fail. From that basis the show is packed with a hilarious arrangement that overflows with everything from half minute skits, disruptive comedy, and physical stunts.

The audience is in on all the jokes right from the opening via a set list handed out at the beginning, which sneaks in hidden jokes, a join the dots, and single bits of confetti to throw on stage at punchlines the crowd believed missed the mark.

Stone takes the lead on the physical theatre and circus components in a brilliantly delicate ribbon performance and crafty facial expressions that command the stage. Jarvie and Jarvie use their opposing approaches to comedy, from daggy to more straight-faced, to fuel the fast paced one liners and inject sly wit to punctuate the slower moments of the show.

The easy, dad puns and hilariously bizarre gimmicks are delivered in their full glory with a confidence that seems to say ‘it could work’. The performers were the first to twist the short comings in their stunts into humorous punchlines that smoothly convert what may have been the climax into the set up.

The highly self-aware, unpretentious comedy with dashes of mild nudity and displays of physical circus skills was a joy to experience.

Reviewed by Alex Dunkin
Twitter: @AlexDunkin

Rating out of 5: 5

Venue:  Empyrean at Gluttony
Season:  20-25 February 2018
Duration:  60 mins
Tickets:  $20.00-$26.00

Hilariously bizarre
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