Fringe Review: Kevin Borich: Gonna See My Baby Tonight


Presented by Blue Tongue Management/Rob Pippan Productions
Reviewed 18th March 2017

One of the lynch-pins of Australian and New Zealand blues-rock, Kevin Borich still puts the same energy into a show as he did 40 years ago. And this is despite being knocked around by cancer and subsequent treatment.
Opening for Borich at his German Club gig was Gwyn Ashton. A guitarist’s guitarist, Ashton was once ranked third, after Jeff Beck and Gary Moore, in a magazine poll. He should be much better known in his native Australia. His three numbers were tight, edgy and quirky. I hope he returns to Adelaide and does a full gig.

Borich has always had strong musicians with and around him, and last night was no exception. Bass player Chris Gilbert showed what that most under-used of instruments can do in the right hands. Drummer Jon Carson gave driving, precise beats, bringing a rock edge to a blues aesthetic. The boys began with some full-pelt blues-rock numbers such as Snowball King, Heart Starter and the more recent Strong Hold. He then slowed it down with the mellow Saved by the Blues before cranking it up again with his post-cancer anthem Fight On. Adelaide music legend, and producer of The German Club’s program, Rob Pippan, joined the band for one number, delighting the audience with a firey Borich-Pippan axe-battle. I was hoping Borich would slip in a few older blues numbers, because he interprets them so well, but this is a personal preference. The audience lapped up the offerings, as well they should.

Despite his invocations to audience, the dance-floor remained unpopulated until the compulsory La Di Das hit Gonna See My Baby Tonight got everyone up on their feet. They remained on their feet for the rest of the set which included Going Down Town, She Can’t Help It, and Good to See You.

This was a solid, two hour set, which never let up the pace. And Borich hung around after show to chat to punters and sign merchandise. He is the epitome of the term “professional”, as are Gilbert and Carson.

The legend lives on!

Reviewed by Tracey Korsten
Twitter: @TraceyKorsten

Rating out of 5: 5

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