Fringe Review: A Sense of Home


A Sense of Home
Presented by AJZ Productions
Reviewed 11 February 2014

Alirio Zavarce, the director behind the recent Sons and Mothers, returns at the helm of the True North Youth Theatre Ensemble to perform his labour of love, A Sense of Home.

Zavarce has a real talent in finding the most interesting stories in the most mundane and down-to-Earth things. He is able to turn stories of climbing trees, telling ghosts stories and moving overseas into extraordinary works of theatrical art. With an amazingly creative technical crew and fantastic young actors, Zavarce has produced a tender and completely charming show, full of colour, light and childlike whimsy.

A Sense of Home asks the question, ‘What is a home?’ and lets children and teenagers answer sincerely. A number of young actors each have a small amount of time to tell the audience what home is to them, through interesting mediums such as dance, visual art and comedy. A talented band (Tyson Olson, Ezra Juanta, Aaron Akeroyd) provide sombre yet beautiful music in the background to tie all the stories together.

By far the most interesting part of the show, and what sets it apart from the crowd, is the large screen that is used as a backdrop to the action. Through imaginative use of projectors, video cameras and props (everything from pomegranates to Lego), the crew and actors create a unique, multi-media experience.

A Sense of Home will no doubt bring you back to a world of childish innocence and fun and will, of course, make you go “Awww” a good few times!

Reviewed by James Rudd

Venue: Channel 9 Kevin Crease Studios, 202 Tynte Street, North Adelaide
Season: 19 February – 8 March
Duration: 60 Mins
Tickets: $14.00 – $43.00
Bookings: Book through FringeTix online or phone 1300 621 255



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