Adelaide’s Friday Night City Drinks Find New Sophisticated Meeting Place


After a long, hard work week, Friday evenings shine with the promise of endless opportunities. There are gorgeous city bars and restaurants calling, wine waiting to be indulged and most importantly, glorious music to be praised. So before you rush home to watch the next episode of Sex and The City (for the seventeenth time) with some oily take out, perhaps reconsider, and spare a thought to the importance of celebrating life and embracing Friday nights for all they offer. And at The Atrium Lounge’s Live at The Atrium,’ which kicks off from July 6th, this is what it’s all about. So listen up!

At this luxury hotel bar with deep-seated lounge chairs and dreamy river-facing views, you and your groups can settle in for a night of fun, watching the Riverbank precinct in motion and reflecting upon the week that was.

It is a sophisticated meeting place for North Terrace’s professionals, Adelaidean locals, and guests alike. And with $8 espresso martinis, wine and beers from $8 as well as Gin and Tonic from $8, it only gets better.

Situated near the Adelaide Festival Centre, The Atrium Lounge can be found nestled between the Railway Station (housing the Adelaide Casino), the Adelaide Convention Centre, Riverside office block and car parking facilities.

We also should mention that there are many unique live music artists on Fridays between 5pm and 8pm, so you can even have a little boogie if you are feeling the vibes.

On July 6, Lili will be performing. A singer/songwriter from Adelaide, Lili is making music to speak her feelings for those times that the Ben & Jerry’s (and Sex and The City) just doesn’t quite cut it. You can find her here.

Oh and in case you wanted one more reason, then let us just say this. Complimentary fries are being served at 6pm. (Now we are talking, right!)

So if you’re looking for a city spot to unwind, relax, indulge and celebrate the week that was, then look no further than Live at The Atrium, once it launches at the start of July. With a timeless bar ambience as well as the signature comforts of a hotel bar, Friday’s are looking rather promising. A lovely and sophisticated way to start the weekend off!

Live at The Atrium

When: Friday evenings from July 6th, with live music 5pm to 8pm
Where: The Atrium Lounge



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