Fitspiration Station: Ryderwear Launches New Adelaide HQ

Are you a gym junkie or do you just like the occasional walk? You’re probably repping Ryderwear regardless. After 10 years of operation, the Adelaide business is moving to a new creativity hub and it’s a purpose-built two-storey facility with extensive in house creative features.
Ryderwear’s success lies in it’s appeal to both the local and global activewear market for their on trend designs and extreme functionality. They specialise in creating pieces for bodybuilders but don’t worry, even if you’re more of an activewear junkie in the sense that you just like to wear it to the shops, you’ll still find something for you.

From humble beginnings in his grandmothers garage, owner, David Lukic has grown Ryderwear into an international powerhouse! He says that “the new HQ is a culmination of the dedication and passion of the Ryderwear team.”

The vision behind the new Ryderwear HQ was to develop an inspired hub that incorporates all elements of the business’ creative process, from cutting-edge design, to fabric technology and videography. Each of these elements are exclusively in-house, with no outsourcing of designers, social marketing or content creation.

Ryderwear’s dynamic HQ is an unlike any other platform in South Australia. The space represents a fusion of local skills and world-class talent, bringing together the world’s biggest bodybuilders with local South Australian social media influencers. The new HQ will encourage and attract creatives from all over the world to come to Adelaide to collaborate with local talent.

You can shop Ryderwear HERE.

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