First Taste: 2nd & 6th, Peel Street’s Newest Offering


All we’ve been able to think about since we introduced you guys to 2nd & 6th (check out all the interior photos in our preview here) is sinking our teeth into some Lobster Brioche buns and boy, were they spectacular. The media menu preview we attended gave us even more insight into a venue that’s bound to become a foodie mecca this Summer.

2nd and 6thThere was no doubt the Lobster Brioche buns were going to be a hit on the menu and every reason you should get down to Peel Street for brunch. The slightly sweet, buttery bun housed a mix of diced fresh lobster and crunchy onions enticing even the non-seafood conformists… Is it acceptable to order another serve while still finishing your first? Surely.

2nd & 6th wasn’t short on atmosphere, as it’s set in a prime location on Peel Street. We suspect it’s only going to get better too, during the newly-launched three-month trial that will see the street closed off to traffic and decked out with European-style alfresco dining.

Owner Hugh Nguyen reminisced on how his passion for food and a weekly cook-off tradition with mates evolved into a business venture. His love for trying new cuisines and incorporating elements he’s picked up from travelling abroad have all helped shaped the eclectic brunch/dessert menu. Some parts French, some Vietnamese and Northern Italian.

2nd and 6th

The Lobster Brioche bun

While friends might describe Head Chefs Rocco and Hugh as chalk and cheese, Hugh says the pair work brilliantly together, balancing out the traditional and modern to create exciting dishes.

Steak Tartare

Steak Tartare

Steak Tartare if you’re not familiar, is finely chopped raw beef (don’t be alarmed), it’s delicious as hell.

The Vine-Wrapped White Fish (pictured top) takes you straight to Italy, all you need now is a vino in hand.

Greed and gluttony indeed my friends. There’s no shame here. We look forward to seeing the venue champion over summer.

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2nd & 6th



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