Feast Review: The Dykeside


Presented by Feast Festival
Reviewed 24th November 2017

The Dykeside features at the 2017 Feast Festival following sell out shows across the country, including in Melbourne and Canberra.

The comedy show stars three comedians, Lori Bell from Adelaide, and Bobby Macumber and Selina Jenkins from Melbourne, and works together a two hours show of individual stories, song, and casual banter. Each of the comedians present a different style and pace to their own jokes that offers a variety of comedy elements to suit a much wider audience than possible as a standalone comedian.

Being an organised three piece also removed the rushed comedy set feel that can come with gala like events and allowed for a much more succinct and cohesive overall production. Their closeness working together also came across well with the small cues and prompts between themselves being subtle to provide smooth transitions to the next story as required.

Local comedian and a Feast Festival regular, Bell looked very comfortable on stage and presented as more confident than the other two on the review night. Some of her stories referred to her previous works which were quickly recognisable to the local crowd familiar with other shows she has performed at Feast.

Jenkins offered the musical comedy components to the set and has a fantastic singing voice. Her songs and how it was set up made for enjoyable physical comedy from Macumber and Bell as they fell into the roles of backup singers.

In the first half of the show Macumber appeared to rely on the other two for the lead and waited for her time to speak but once the show was in full swing she offered witty and sometimes personal interjections that provided humorous on stage heckling.

There were some jokes that felt like tests on a friendly crowd and some of the early banter in the set was forced but this disappeared later for a more playful tone on stage. The stage itself was also quite small and had a comedy club feel in some ways but once settling into the show the comedians seemed comfortable in the intimate setting.

The Dykeside is a fun, three person comedy with a range of jokes, stories, and songs coordinated together for an entertaining, feature length show.

Reviewed by Alex Dunkin
Twitter: @AlexDunkin

Venue: Raj House, Adelaide
Season: 24th – 25th November 2017
Duration: 120 mins
Tickets:  $22.00 – $25.00
Bookings:  http://www.feast.org.au/events/the-dykeside/



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