Feast Festival Review: Finding Me Volume Three


Presented by Phi Theodoros
Reviewed 9 November 2018

Finding Me Volume Three is the final, or book end, version of the Finding Me trilogy of 2018. The show has been in evolution since the Adelaide Fringe and has adapted according to the audience that they are about to present in front of.

The final 2018 version of the show features as part of the Feast Festival at Raj House. The story of the cabaret follows a group session with four unique characters all presenting what they’re struggling through to the audience. Their struggles are loaded with stories to the crowd and with a talented musical ensemble backing up their histories with the slow pace, string based, cabaret background.

Finding Me is loaded with potential. The musical charactistics of the show are ready for a broader cabaret show. The venue of Raj House does have some limitations of a low ceiling and short stage which didn’t seem to suit the quality of the show, particularly with the limited eye contact available.

There are some adaptions to the show to extend the queer stories, which pads the time available outside of a tight Adelaide Fringe set. The monologues blended together unfortunately. The slow alteration in scenes fell to the little change in tone to the presentation of the stories and the content within it.

The band behind the set maintained a beautiful pace with the tone matching an upbeat strike to the set. They were on key and balanced well with the rap set that filled the third act and added an uplift to the flow of the overall set.

The main performance from Phi Theodoros, who plays all the character stories, is filled with potential. The switch between characters is a pink wig and vest alteration but the little change in tone made the varying characters hard to differentiate.

Theodoros is a talented singer and fantastic host to the overall show, however, the low change in tone made the characters fairly similar. Many of the moments felt like a drag king was ready to arise, but we were left waiting for the next step in the stories, or a stronger connection between the tales and the audience, which can be achieved with more musical moments.

Finding Me Volume Three is a fantastic work in progress that needs some additional alterations to suit the differences in audiences and venues.

Reviewed by Alex Dunkin
Twitter: @AlexDunkin

Venue:  Raj House, 54 Hyde Street, Adelaide South Australia
Season:  9th & 16th November 2018
Duration:  75 mins
Tickets:  $20.00-$25.00
Bookings:  https://www.feast.org.au/events/finding-me-volume-3/





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