Enjoy A Few Wines While You Get A Taste Of Sweden At This Long Lunch


We love long lunches almost as much as we love life itself, but rarely do you get an opportunity while you devour these lunches to learn about the stunning winery you’re sitting in. Paracombe Wines’ Swedish Long Lunch brings together Swedish Chef Anders Roberg, Paul Drogemuller of Paracombe Wines, and Swedish importer and cheese expert Johan Lidby to bring you one of the longest long lunches we’ve heard of (it lasts five whole hours).

Beginning at 12:30pm on Friday 3 November, you’ll be able to explore the history of Paracombe Wines with an exclusive glass in hand journey, a nostalgic tour through the winery with Paul Drogemuller explaining Paracombe’s history, processes and philosophies on winemaking and grape growing.

Following this, you can enjoy canapes and a full selection of Paracombe Wines while you mingle with other wine-lovin’ guests and enjoy their stunning view.

At 2:00pm, you and all your new mates will sit down to enjoy Anders’ market-inspired progressive long lunch, perfectly matched to new, old and never seen before Paracombe wines. Here’s a sneak peek into the mouthwatering menu.

Now, we know what you’re thinking, it wouldn’t be a Swedish lunch without cheese! Luckily, they have Johan Lidby on board who will take you on an international tour of world cheeses, which sounds like the world tour we’ve always dreamed of doing. Finally, settle down for coffee and tea (and maybe a sneaky wine to finish off the night).

The 2015 dinner was sold out, and the tickets to this event are extremely limited. At only $150 per person all inclusive, it’s pretty good value for a solid five hour lunch.

Swedish Long Lunch at Paracombe Wines
Where: 294B Paracombe Road, Paracombe
Phone: (08) 8380 5058
Email: winery@paracombewines.com


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