New Cafe Dishing Up Dreams With Giant Cheese Wheel Pasta


Sweet dreams are made of cheese, who am I to disa-BRIE.

We are cheese-fanatics. There’s no beating it around the bush. The thought of being lactose intolerant is enough to give us nightmares. We’re the kind of people who know it’s easier to have the waiter leave the bowl of parmesan on the table rather than endure an excruciating exchange of, “more”, “more”…”yep, still more”. What can we say, we’re heavy handed on the cheese when it comes to pasta, we want every inch of that al dente goodness smothered.

If you’re picking up what we’re putting down, chances are that you’ve probably seen those Godly cheese wheels filled with pasta floating around on the internet. It’s basically a ginormous parmesan wheel that’s hollowed and turned into a flaming hot cheese bowl, filled with freshly cooked pasta of your choice. You know what…we can’t even do this explanation justice, just watch:

Now we know where to get it in Adelaide too.

Café Settebello, an Italian hub of delicious food, has captured the attention of our city’s cheese-o-holics with their own cheese wheel pasta. You’ll be able to try this out for yourself at their newly opened restaurant on The Parade, Norwood, otherwise head to their other restaurant located in Campbelltown.The dish you’re after is the house made Fettuccine, fried mushroom, stracchino cheese in a light cream sauce.

Us right now:Is pasta (somehow) not your thing? All good, they’ve got a menu longer than the list of blackouts Adelaide had last year. Think breakfast foods like waffles, smashed avo, breakfast bowls and Italian toast; risottos; pastas; mains like Vitello Saltimbocca and Calamari Fritti; antipasti; salads; and, of course, pizza.

Their pizza menu makes us tear up just thinking about getting a bite of that delicious slice. Can’t eat a whole pizza? No biggie, they serve pizza by the slice at lunch time (just like in New York). CAN eat a whole pizza? We bet you can’t eat their one metre pizza in one sitting. Can’t choose between pizza and pasta? No worries, have your pasta for lunch or dinner and a dessert pizza for dessert – simples!

Another plus for these food studs? All of their pastries and gelati is made in-house, so you know you’ve avoided the stale croissant from yesterday’s cabinet you get at some cafes.

Originally located on Pulteney Street and established in 1988, Settebello was the first Café/Restaurant in Adelaide to specialise in Wood Oven Pizza and the first Wood Oven built for the public in all of South Australia.

Café Settebello is the ideal place to indulge in a little piece of Italy near the CBD.

Café Settebello
Where: 134A The Parade, Norwood & 84 Newton Road, Campbelltown
Open: Every day
Breakfast: 7am – 5pm
Lunch: 8am – 5pm
Dinner: 5pm – 10pm
Takeaway & Uber Eats delivery available all day.


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