Dreamy Vintage Caravan Wine Bar Is Here For Your Party Needs


As you’re all heading back to work this Monday morning, we’re sure you’re wanting to be reminded of blissful, sunny weekends and beautiful celebrations had throughout. Well, we have some news regarding a dreamy vintage, wine bar caravan that will help your mid-work daydreams continue all day long, so listen up!

When throwing a party, how many times have you done the last minute bottle shop run, frantically picking an assortment of alcohol while also juggling the organisation of the food, music, party set up… (and the list goes on). What if we told you that said dreamy vintage, wine bar caravan could restore calm and order… because it can! Introducing Tomich’s The Hive Caravan Bar.

This gorgeous fully staffed bar is filled with Tomich award wining wines as well as many other lovely options, and rolls in and out of any venue, business premises, public space or even your backyard (which essentially just means that it is perfect for any occasion). Think: corporate venues, wine events, weddings and birthdays… and everything else in between. No need to do the frantic bottle shop run anymore.

The Hive will truly bring a touch of class and sophistication to your event. Run by a crew of dynamic and passionate people who will go the extra mile to make you and your guests feel special, this mobile caravan bar will allow you to relax and appreciate your event for all you hope it to be.

Offering a number of tailored drinks packages starting from $33 per person, The Hive can be completely adapted to suit any occasion. For more details, head over to The Hive Caravan Bar website.

So, if restoring class, sophistication, calm and order to your party sounds like something you wish to get on board with, let this stunning vintage caravan be your ‘go-to- next time.

Now everybody, return to your work… the long-weekend is kind of, nearly here!


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