Coopers Pale Ale Makes The Move To The Humble Tinnie For Our Benefit!


The Earth is round, summer follows spring and Coopers Pale Ale only comes in a brown glass bottle. Some things are just true, but it might be time to update at least one of those statements. For years, one of the great South Australian traditions has been showing friends visiting from interstate how to roll a bottle of Coopers Pale and stir up the sediment before cracking it open but now there’ll be another way to enjoy your favourite brew.

Following on from the absolutely astounding success that followed the launch of their Session Ale last year, Coopers Brewery is updating their most iconic beer by making their flagship brew available in cans as well as bottles.

The humble tinnie has come a long way since the days when it was reserved for slabs of cheap beer and Coopers Sales and Marketing Director says that it was growing demand from consumers that led to the move. As the largest Australian-owned brewery, Coopers makes up almost a third of all the pale ale sold in the country and the lighter cans should significantly lower freight costs as well as letting campers put a few pales in the esky without worrying about broken glass if the empties get left out overnight. Time will tell, but it might also mean that Pale Ale is more widely available at festivals and as a result Dr Tim’s, which was originally created for that purpose, is being retired.

A cracking combination for this weekend! #coopersbrewery

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The first batch of pale has already gone into cans and will be available for sale on August 1. And do you need to roll it? Nobody’s seen the finished product, so no word on that just yet – we may just have to get a hold of some cans to experiment ourselves.


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