OPEN NOW! Adelaide’s First Speciality Chicken Nugget Virtual Kitchen Is Here


Chicken nuggets. To your door. Right this second. Chicken NUGGETS (whoops we already said that!). Sorry we can’t help it, it’s lunch time.

Let’s cut to the chase. If you’re a chicken nugget lover (and let’s be honest, who isn’t), then you can now live the Nugg Lyf with Adelaide’s first speciality chicken nugget virtual kitchen opening today.

Founded by local nugget connoisseurs, Josh & Andrew, Nugg Lyf has created Adelaide’s best nuggets, that also come with a healthy dose of attitude.

“We have started with three spice combos, the OG (original flavour), the Cartel (chilli/Mexican) and the Mafia (Italian), but plan release more as we grow,” Josh says.

“As well as our special spice combos, we make sure to use quality chicken breast in order to ensure that our nuggets are premium.”

Like all great ideas, Nugg Lyf came about after a couple of drinks on a Friday night.

“We were watching the footy and thinking to ourselves, we could really go some nuggets. So we looked on UberEats and saw there was nothing appetizing available. We thought why is no one making a premium chicken nugget and the idea blossomed from there.”

Other than it’s delicious flavour, what makes Nugg Lyf unique is its business model. Partnering up with a secret kitchen location, Nugg Lyf is only available on UberEats for now.

“The reality is we know peak Nugg craving is late at night or the next day hung over, so we figured it makes sense to partner with UberEats as a way of getting Nuggs to the people without them having to leave home,” says co-founder Josh.

Starting with one kitchen initially, Nugg Lyf will be available on UberEats south of the city, however there are plans to quickly expand to allow everyone to ‘choose the Nugg Lyf.’

Bring on the nuggets! We can’t wait to live the nugg lyf!


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