Celebrate World Gin Day With Settlers Newest Gin-Tastic Invention


Gin made from Shiraz? Yes, you heard right. Settlers Artisan Spirits are producing Australia’s first Shiraz distilled gin. Using prime McLaren Vale Shiraz, distilled and blended with the finest botanicals, Rowland Shorts (the Settlers distiller) will be celebrating World Gin Day on the 9th of June with this creation.

“I was wanting to create a gin that still tasted like gin but had the palate weight and finish of Shiraz, even with some tannins, and to bring my winemaking skills in the process,” Rowland explains.

Rowland has a wealth of experience in winemaking since starting his winery Maximus Wines in 2007 and followed by the Artisan Settlers Spirits whose Dry Gin and Breakfast Gin was launched in 2014.

The fact that Settlers Shiraz Gin is based on grape spirit is nothing new for him!

“Gin made from grape spirit, rather than the more commonly used grain spirit, has a softer, more elegant style with wonderful aromatic characters,” he says. “This is how gin was originally made in Holland in the 16th century.”

“In our winery we concentrate the flavour of some of our wines by draining off some free run juice—known in Europe as the saignée. What better use for this prized free run juice than to turn it into triple distilled grape spirit as the base for a stunning new style of Australian gin.”

What’s more special is that the wine is made from grapes grown on their McLaren Vale property, which has won the Top God and Best Wine of The Show at the National Wine Show. The difference between Settler’s and other gins is the high quality produce which is the ultimate in spirit making sustainability.

Settlers offers more than Shiraz gin, their Settlers G and Tea Breakfast Gin and Oak Aged Gin and several fruit-based gins. Alongside a Moonshine whisky, a White Rum and Vodka with Goji Berries.

We recommend trying their gin, showing vibrant notes of Juniper, full on the palate with great length and some drying tannins!

Celebrate World Gin Day by getting a taste of high quality botanicals at the Settlers Cellar Door in McLaren Vale!


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