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Gawler Pl. lunch fave Poké Me has added a smorgasbord of new choices to their already impressive range of healthy fillings to put into their awesome spin on the traditional Hawaiian salad.

Breaking image from The Square 7.0

The 2017 Cannes Film Festival Palme d’Or winner, The Square has come to Australian cinemas. Check out this tongue-in-cheek satire drama on art and art culture.

Breaking Saoirse Ronan and Lucas Hedges in Lady Bird 10.0

This is a beautiful, beautiful film.  It is humorous, and gently dramatic, and real, and moving, and important. It will stay with you for days, weeks, the rest of your life. It is a testament to the power of cinematic under-statement.

Breaking still from menashe 8.0

Menashe opens up a private world of religion rarely available to most audiences, and puts its many trials and tribulations on show. It is an insightful film, cleverly presented to the audience in a style that is well worth the film experience.

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